At Trendz Stars, we understand that things don’t always go according to plan. So we offer a robust warranty policy on our products. Including:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • A 1-year extended protection plan 

We know that going through all the fine print can be a pain, so get the gist of each warranty policy below. 

30-Day1-Year Manufacturer1-Year Extended Protection Plan
Products All Trendz Stars products and accessoriesDusk (standard and Lite), Shower Power (standard and Pro), Unravel (AW+ and 3+1), Side Pocket, Full Circle, Power Cube, HyperCube Solo Dusk (standard and Lite), Shower Power (standard and Pro), Unravel (AW+ and 3+1), Side Pocket, Full Circle, Power Cube, HyperCube Solo 
Warranty Lifespan Date item is shipped – day 30Date item is shipped – day 365Date item is shipped – day 365
Cost Free with registration Free with registration $9.99 to $19.99 depending on the product (paid for at the time of purchase)
Policy and Warranty Applicability Return for any reasonManufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal, careful useWear and any kind of product damage
Purchased from Trendz Stars shop Trendz Stars shop, Amazon, Kickstarter or IndiegogoTrendz Stars shop, Kickstarter or Indiegogo
ExclusionsAccidental or water damage. Loss of productAccidental or water damage. Loss of productLoss of product
Option Replacement, exchange for equal-value product or refund Replacement (refurbishment or new unit) Replacement (refurbishment or new unit)  
Process Products must be returned in original packaging to the original place of purchase and there must be proof of your purchase.Make sure you have registered your product for its warranty (must have been completed within 30 days of the date of shipping). Return the damaged goods within 60 days by notifying our team. 

The 30-day Money-back Guarantee

At Trendz Stars, we want you to LOVE our products. If for some reason you’re not in love with your purchase (a tell-tale sign is that you don’t get those butterflies in your stomach once you’ve unpacked it), your undamaged Trendz Stars products purchased from Trendz Stars shop may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of the date the item was delivered to your shipping address.

You can return it for any reason, and we mean any reason:

  • The color of your Unravel doesn’t match your eyes…
  • You realized your favorite meat thermometer that you wanted to wirelessly charge isn’t compatible with Qi-charging… 
  • You bought it as a birthday present for a boyfriend/girlfriend, but they just dumped you… 

All you need to remember when you send your item are following:

  • Returns must include all accessories
  • Items must include original packaging
  • For non-quality related warranty claims, buyer is responsible for return shipping cost(s)
  • For quality-related warranty claims, Trendz Stars will refund or reimburse the return shipping cost(s)
  • Returns may be rejected if items do not meet the above requirements

To make your 30-day return, email our team at

Once the eagle (your product) lands in the Trendz Stars nest (our warehouse), the item will be inspected and we’ll begin the refund process (may take up to 14 days)

Please note that if you decide to cancel your order while the package is in transit, you’ll need to receive it first and then send it back to our return address. Refusing delivery of a package in transit will result in it being sent back to the overseas warehouse and destroyed if not delivered. Similarly, overseas packages that remain undeliverable after several attempts will also be destroyed by the local carrier. We cannot offer refunds for packages that are destroyed under these circumstances.

To our beloved Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers, please note that your items purchased through these crowdfunding platforms are not included in the 30-day no-questions-asked returns policy. However, if you are experiencing a defect, read on below. 

Please remember that refund requests for the 30-day money back guarantee expire 30 days after the item’s shipping date (according to the shipping carriers tracking information). It is not possible to process a request for a refund for non-quality issues for items that have expired within this 30-day window. For purchases not made directly through Trendz Stars online store, please contact retailers for refunds. For quality-related issues, please see below.

The 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty 

Here at Trendz Stars, we offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for manufacturing defects for the following products purchased on our website,

  • Unravel (AW+ and 3+1)
  • Power Cube 
  • Side Pocket Fanny Pack 
  • Full Circle Power Bank 
  • HyperCube Solo  

If your gear has a defect, we’ll send you a replacement or organise a repair. To be eligible for the 1-year warranty, you must register your Trendz Stars product within 30-days of the shipping date. Registration can be completed here. 

We’ll issue you a prepaid shipping label if your product is deemed to have a defect.  

We’re not going to lie, the next few paragraphs are our legal jargon (that we need to include). But here at Trendz Stars, we’re all about doing the right thing and use common sense when talking through these problems. A defect is a defect and we will do our best to accommodate any issues you have with your product. Issues with our products are rare, but we will always do the right thing by you to ensure that you get the gadget that was promised. 

Here’s the legal jargon:

If a hardware defect is found and a valid claim is received within the Limited Warranty Period, Trendz Stars will either (1) repair the product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts or, (2) replace the product with a new or refurbished product. Shipping and handling charges may apply.

The Limited Warranty does not apply to any (a) Damage due to acts of nature or God, for example, lightning strikes, tornadoes and the like; (b) Negligence; (c) Commercial use; (d) Modifications to any part of the Product; (e) Damage caused by use with non-compatible products; (f) Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes; (g) Damage caused by operating the Product outside the permitted or intended uses or with improper voltage or power supply; or (h) Damage caused by service

When returning items with a prepaid shipping label provided by Trendz Stars, Trendz Stars takes responsibility for any damage or loss incurred in transit. When returning items for non-quality issues, buyer assumes responsibility for any damage or loss incurred in transit. Trendz Stars does not provide refunds for items damaged in transit for non-quality related warranty claims.

Okay, legal jargon out of the way, let’s talk about how to action your return and warranty.  

Actioning a Warranty: 

Oops! Did something go wrong with your Unravel? Please email and upload 2-3 clear photos of the fault and a video showing the issue. We’ll get back to you shortly with the replacement process.

During the replacement process, we will send you a prepaid shipping label to send back the defective item. Once we have received the item and it has been inspected, we’ll send the replacement and email you when the replacement has been dispatched. We always do our best to resolve tickets related to defective items as quickly as possible. 

A reminder on actioning your warranty:

  • Item must be registered for the 1-year warranty 
  • Trendz Stars will document what happens when buyers troubleshoot the product 
  • The customer must return the item for quality inspection 

If a Valid Warranty Claim is Made:

Trendz Stars will replace the product within 60 days of claim approval 

The Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Products without sufficient proof of purchase 
  • Non-official Trendz Stars manufactured products or counterfeits; UPC will be verified
  • Products purchased from an unauthorized resellers
  • Items that were not registered within the required 30-day warranty window 
  • Items that have expired their warranty period 
  • Accidental damage
  • Items that aren’t working due to normal wear and tear 
  • Items that aren’t working due to water damage 
  • Damages caused by operating the product outside of its intended use 
  • Lost or stolen products 
  • Free products 
  • Items that were eaten by your dog  

Products Purchased Outside of Trendz Stars Shop

Picked up one of our products from somewhere else? Products purchased from our awesome authorized sellers are subjected to the sellers’ return policy. Therefore, please get in contact with the seller directly for return requests.